A list of antibiotics is predefined in SeqSphere+ for storing phenotypic AMR results. The predefined antimicrobial fields can be chosen for database scheme, new ones can also be created. For each antibiotic a test result consisting of 8 sub-fields can be stored in the database:

Sub-Field Predefined Items Allows Free Text Mandatory Description
Interpretation Resistant, Intermediate, Susceptible no yes General interpretation of testing results
Test Method Disk diffusion, MIC yes no General method for testing
Vendor Biomerieux, Becton Dickinson, Siemens Healthcare, Oxoid yes no Company producing testing method
Platform VITEK 2, Etest, Phoenix, MicroScan, Antimicrobial paper discs yes no Testing platform
Reagent yes no Specific type
Numeric Result Inhibition diameter, Concentration yes no Result of the test
Units mm, micrograms yes no Units of the test
Comment yes no General comment on the test

Only the sub-field Interpretation can be imported when using the Import Epi Metadata function.