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NGS microbial typing solution for any bacteria, any study type, any lab.

Combining the best - Comparability of MLST and discriminatory power of PFGE.

Microbiologists everywhere can experience the genomic revolution that benchtop next generation sequencing (NGS; e.g., Illumina, Ion Torrent or Roche/454) provides. With fast and affordable microbial whole genome shotgun NGS and automatized software analysis, microbiologists can use genome-wide hundreds/thousands of genes (MLST+/cgMLST) for typing, resulting in higher discrimination and more accurate strain typing.

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November 25th 2014

From 423 MRSA strains encoding 75 different spa types (with 2-19 repeats) the correct Spa type could be extracted in 99.1% from WGS data (250bp Nextera XT read pairs; SeqSphere+ analysis with incorporated Velvet assembly) (CMI 20: 2014).
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